What Years Did Michael Jordan Play Baseball?

When did Michael Jordan play baseball?

Arguably the greatest basketball player in NBA history, Michael Jordan retired from the Chicago Bulls in 1994 to join the Chicago White Sox AA minor league team, the Birmingham Barons. He batted just. 202/. 289/.

Did Michael Jordan ever play in the MLB?

In 1994, Michael Jordan played his only MLB game when the Chicago White Sox played an exhibition against the Chicago Cubs. It’s something Chicago fans will never forget ever. The day that Michael Jordan played one game at the Major League level.

How many baseball games did Jordan play?

In 1994 Michael Jordan played 127 games for the Birmingham Barons, the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. He batted. 202 with 51 RBIs and 3 home runs.

Why did Jordan wear 23?

Prior to earning a spot on the varsity roster, Jordan wore No. 45 at Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C. His older brother, Larry, already wore No. 45 as a member of the varsity team, so when Michael made it to that level, he cut 45 in half and rounded up. That’s how Jordan landed on 23.

Who did MJ play for in baseball?

Michael Jordan played as a shooting guard with the Chicago Bulls until 1998. In baseball, he was a right field and when Jordan played for the Washington Wizards he was a small forward.

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Who was Michael Jordan’s dad?

A locally produced documentary series debuting this week presents a detailed account of the murder of James Jordan, father of UNC and NBA basketball star Michael Jordan, and a close look at the problematic investigation that sent two Lumberton men to prison.

Was Jordan a bad baseball player?

Jordan’s baseball stats were not good compared to other prospects at his level, but he showed considerable promise for someone who hadn’t played competitive baseball since high school. Don’t believe it? Just try going to the 80-mph batting cage and see how well you fare.

What was Michael Jordan’s baseball number?

In “The Last Dance,” MJ’s Double-A manager Terry Francona—who would go on to win two World Series titles with the Boston Red Sox—says the answer is yes. Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf says today that it’s remarkable Jordan hit over.

Why is MJ crying?

The crying Jordan meme first started out in 2009, when Michael Jordan was giving a very emotional speech during his Hall of Fame induction. During the basketball legends speech, he cried frequently when talking about his best moments and what the sport of basketball has taught him over the years.

Why did LeBron choose 6 in Miami?

23 that the legendary Michael Jordan made famous during his playing days with the Chicago Bulls. When LeBron left Cleveland the first time, he switched to wearing No. 6, because of the fact that the Heat have retired No. 23 in honor of Michael Jordan.

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