Question: Baseball Saved Us?

What is the message of Baseball Saved Us?

Inspired by actual events, Ken Mochizuki’s story of hope and courage shows us an almost-forgotten part of the American past. Baseball Saved Us is the ultimate rite of passage story. It will appeal again and again to readers who enjoy cheering for the underdog.

What is the boy’s name in Baseball Saved Us?

The book is told in the first person voice of Shorty, a young Japanese American boy.

What is the conflict of Baseball Saved Us?

This lesson plan discusses prejudice against Japanese Americans during World War II and life in the internment camps.

What is the setting of Baseball Saved Us?

In 1942, the U.S. Army required all people of Japanese descent to move to internment camps in the middle of deserts because the government thought they could not be trusted. Baseball Saved Us will fascinate your family with the story of a young boy and his family who were sent to an internment camp for several years.

What is the genre of Baseball Saved Us?

What did Shorty learn from playing baseball at the camp? He learned how to believe in himself.

Did they play baseball in internment camps?

The Japanese American prisoners brought a love of the game and a long tradition of baseball with them to the camps. Some knew how to build and irrigate the baseball fields. Others were experienced semi-pro managers or players. Women and men, boys and girls alike played baseball or softball.

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When was Baseball Saved Us published?

March 1993

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